Girls from Mexico - Yvette Lourdes

Girls from Mexico – Yvette Lourdes

Girls from Mexico – Yvette Lourdes, is lives in Hermosillo the city of  Mexico. Yvette Lourdes as an single women. She try to searching a better person how can care, make a friendship and love. she want to find a person how has fresh and real caring mentality. if you want chat with her or live video conference or call her mobile Please check her activity.

Movement: Online Now !!!

Yvette Lourdes: 20 Years Old

Page Views: 7.1 M + times

Agree: a male between 24 and 30 Years old

Sign: Women

Height: 5′ 4″

Speak: English, Mexican etc.

Faith: Christianity

Best Music: Chapeaumelon

Best Movies: El que busca, encuentra

Best TV: Azteca 13

Best Books: Caramelo

Best Sports: Tennis

Food: Small Food

Dreams: Not Mention

Best Quotes: The standard way of reducing stress in our culture is to put as much energy as possible into trying to arrive at a moment that matches our preferences. This ensures that we feel some level of stress until we get there (assuming we ever will) and worse, it makes the present moment into an unacceptable place to be.

Social Activity- 

Facebook :

Skype: yvlourdes


Mobile:  +52 614 201 2884

Following Massage : Hello my name is Yvette Lourdes form Hermosillo, Mexico. I want to meet a man who is thoughtful is a keeper. He should show me he’s considerate by doing things just to put a smile on my face. He knows it’s the little things that count. He does anything he can to make me feel special.


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