Jun 09

Girls from Kuwait – Aisha Jaafar

Girls from Kuwait – Aisha Jaafar, is lives in Kuwait City the city of Kuwait. Aisha Jaafar as an single women. I am sociable person, I like to see when people are happy and present positive mood to the people that surround me, I like to smile and see when people smile back to me. I prefer to speak about the things that bother me, I am more extrovert, but also you can trust me as I will keep always secrets.

I am fond of sports, when I see nice view of nature, I like to go there to find a nice place with blanket and draw a nice picture, like also to make photos of picturesque view, when I have vacation I like to travel.

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Jun 05

Girls from Oman – Najila Iesha

Girls from Oman – Najila Iesha, is lives in Muscat the city of Oman. Najila Iesha as an single women.I am full of energy lady. I am positive and active, kind and tender person. I like to start my day with good and positive thoughts. I always find a reason to see good things in any single day. I have a good sense of humor. Smile makes people happier. What does make you smile?.

I like to dance. I was dancing for 8 years and now I like pole dance it makes body more flexible and makes me keep me fit. Of course, I go to gym regularly and I like to spend time with the nature. Also I love to cook, so you can be sure that there will always be a tasty dinner on a table ;).

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Jun 03

Girls from Saudi Arabia – Delva Malek

Girls from Saudi Arabia – Delva Malek, is lives in Riyadh the city of Saudi Arabia. Delva Malek as an single women. Beautiful and sweet, calm and gentle, positive and modest… well Modest it is sometimes… Of course a good sense of humor” That is what you would hear about me from my friends. Of course I am not calm all the time, because I have emotions and I love express them, but also I understand that not all emotions should show.

I like to talk in a good company, spend time somewhere on the nature. Well, there is one thing, in which I can completely express myself – it is dancing. I love to dance and enjoy this kind of sport in any free minute… No, I am not dancing and walking at the same time How do you express yourself?

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