Dec 14

Girls from Denmark – Celina Johann

Girls from Denmark – Celina Johann, is lives in Roskilde the city of Denmark. Celina Johann as an single women.I’m a kind, calm person, I really want to start a family. At first acquaintance it seems that I am very bright, verbose, charismatic, with an explosive character. In fact, a very faithful, honest, trusting, caring, sincere, energetic and calm person. I am very responsible and executive. I want to give love and care to my family every day.

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Nov 29

Girls from Russia – Misha Zach

Girls from Russia – Misha Zach, is lives in Saint Petersburg the city of Russia. Misha Zach as an single women.Bright, interesting, self-sufficient, with an active lifestyle. I love everything new that fills life with impressions, emotions, knowledge. I participate in various events, competitions. I am engaged in charity. I love to travel.

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Nov 22

Girls from Australia – Elsie Daisy

Girls from Australia – Elsie Daisy, is lives in Geelong, Australia. Elsie Daisy as an single women. I am open-mind, positive and inquisitive person. Friends say that I have empathy and understanding nature. I have an active life position, I am always on the move, but at the same time I like to spend a couple of evenings of the week at home, reading an interesting book or watching an interesting movie.

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