Jun 19

Girls from German – Jagda Helen

Girls from German – Jagda Helen, is lives in Leipzig the city of German. Jagda Helen as an single women. At that age, when I know what I want, I do not get bored alone, but I want to feel human warmth as all living things. I want to Give comfort and care, because it is the reason why women have been created and I want to feel cared for by my man. I am open to write a new page of my life and ready to forget the past and start writing the future). I am Easy-going and I love active leisure activities, learn new things and not standing still, make plans for the weekend, to create comfort and to be a woman.) I want to love and be loved.

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Jun 02

Girls from Finland – Sliona Alejan

Girls from Finland – Sliona Alejan, is lives in Vantaa the city of Finland. Sliona Alejan as an single women. I am Cheerful, sociable, interesting, loving life and tasty meal)). I’m always ready for self-development. I consider the highest value in life is the family. “Human needs human”

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May 26

Girls from Ireland – Alisha Emmie

Girls from Ireland – Alisha Emmie, is lives in Dublin the city of Ireland. Alisha Emmie as an single women. I am cheerful and sociable person, fond of sports, and I love an active lifestyle. In my free time I spend with my Family. I love to travel and learn culture and other people’s interests. I appreciate family values and I believe that the main thing in a relationship is a mutual understanding and trust.

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